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What is LCL shipping? How to calculate LCL shipments?

LCL – Less Container Load, LCL shipping is a good way to ship large orders and items that are large or heavy. LCL shipping is based primarily on volume with a minimum shipment volume of one cubic meter.


Please note the shape of the crate does not have to be 1 meter by 1 meter it can be any size it is only the volume that is calculated. The two shapes below are different but if their volumes are the same then it will cost the same amount to ship either box.

We calculate LCL shipments by taking the item or items that you would like to purchase and calculate their given volumes. To do this we first take the length, width, and depth of each piece and add from 2-10 centimeters to each dimension. We add the 2-10 cm to the size of the pieces to allow for packing and framing. Once we get the total volume of the piece or pieces you are ordering we divide the total volume by 1,000,000.

We get the 1,000,000 figure from length 100 cm multiplied by width 100 cm multiplied by Depth 100 cm . note* there are 100 cm in one meter, thus there are 1,000,000 cm in a cubic meter.

Example 1.
Item #BOX 1
Quantity 1
Size 75 x 50 x 90 cm

Let us assume that this item is fragile so it will need very good packing and framing. To insure that we are able to pack this very well we will add 10 cm on to each side of the object. The new shipping size of Item #widget 12 is 85 x 60 x 90 cm.

85 x 60 = 5,100
5,100 x 90 = 459,000
459,000 / 1,000,000 = 0.46 or 46%

From this example we know that widget 12 will occupy 46% or about half of a cubic meter. Since there is a minimum shipping volume of one cubic meter for LCL there is an extra 54% of a cubic meter that can be used.

Example 2.

Item #BOX 2
Quantity 2
Size 10 x 40 x 60

Item #BOX 3
Quantity 40
Size 50 x 30 x 20

Item #BOX 4
Quantity 1
Size 75 x 50 x 90 cm

Let us assume that this item are all fragile so it will need very good packing and framing. To insure that we are able to pack this very well we will add 10 cm on to each side of the object.
We now have the following shipping sizes

Item #BOX 5
Quantity 2
Size 20 x 50 x 70

Item #BOX 6
Quantity 40
Size 60 x 40 x 30

Item #BOX 7
Quantity 1
Size 85 x 60 x 100 cm

20 x 50 = 1,000
1,000 x 70 = 70,000
70,000 x 2 = 140,000
(2 is the quantity)

60 x 40 = 2,400
2,400 x 30 = 72,000
72,000 x 40 = 2,880,000

85 x 60 = 5,100
5,100 x 100 = 510,000
510,000 x 1 = 510,000

Now we add the volumes together to get a total shipping volume:
140,000 + 2,880,000 + 510,000 = 3,530,000 ( this is the total cm)

3,530,000 divided by 1,000,000 (the number of cm cubed in a cubic meter) = 3.53 cubic meters.

If you do not understand these examples don’t worry when ordering all you need to do is give us the items that you would like and the quantities we will do all this for you.

At the beginning of this answer we mention that volume is the primary factor in calculating LCL shipments there are a few other things that affect the way LCL shipping costs are calculated.
1. all order need to be insured, insurance for LCL shipments is calculated at a rate of 3% of the cost of the goods.
2. Document and Export Fees are added to the shipping cost per order not per cubic meter
3. The maximum weight of a cubic meters goods can not exceed 350 Kilograms, if this is the case with your order we need will need to calculate shipping rates by weight not volume.




  1. Good evening

    I would like to ship around 100 to 200 t-shirts to Finland, and I would like to know, first of all, how many pieces can I fit into 1 cubic metre, and second of all, how much would it cost approximately? Since the LCL package is not dependable on the weight, do you suggest any other method of transport? I would also like to know about the taxes and other expenses during the way, and is it cheaper to send the package straight home or pick it up from the port?


    Henri Sinisalmi

  2. thanks you for your comment,
    i will caculate for you
    i send by email,

    best regards

  3. I would like to ship household goods about 20ft to auckland, NZ. how much the price door to door or to port. Also I want to know others expenses.

  4. I would like to send my goods in january 05.
    or you have other suggest?

  5. Thanks. That helped!

  6. Hi,
    Can you pls send me the price list of shipping from Jakarta to Perth. Pls email me.

  7. I wish to ship a new mattress to Jakarta measuring 150 x 190 x 25 cm. What is the total cost of shipping including special wooden packing

  8. Hi,

    i would like to ask the prices for 1 x 40ft container from thailand to turkey.

    Thank You.

    • Dear Edgar ,

      We are an international moving company from Turkey.

      If you provide mote details we can help you.( volume and weight : )

      our web site :

      Best Regards

      Bahadr Turkeli

  9. hello,
    we have send some stones to african country, i have calculate the size but want to know that is there any metter of weight because our goods is heavy and in one box of .54 cubic cm becomes 700 kilograms,or 1750 pounds,
    plz suggest me what is the way to calculate weight. i have to send 5 boxes of such type
    your early responce will be obliged me.

  10. I would like to bring in some food products (canned fruits, tea bags) from Colombo Sri Lanka, from my supplier. There are total of 20 cartons and a total weight of 45 kg but less than 1cbm. Can you give me a door-to-door quote.

    Thank you

  11. Hi there

    I am wanting to get a quote for a box of games to be sent from Beijing to Adelaide.

    L29cmxD41cmxH29cm weight 4kg.

    can you please email me a quotation.

  12. Dear Madam/Sir
    I would like to buy some products from India, I want it from Iraq, if you please inform me can I get this stationary stuff via you transportation company.
    best regard

  13. Hi

    I would like to ship bottles of various drinks from Europe (Poland, Czech, Slovakia, Germany etc.) to Japan. What would be the approximate cost of 1 cubic meter?

  14. Hi I wanted to ship household goods from Dubai to Pune. Can you please tell me how much max kg or cubic mtrs can i transport if i want to save costs and what is the best method of shipment available for furniture, and other household items.

    • Mrs.tanu.
      we offer you for one kg from dubai to pune..
      one container 40″ lc
      full loaded @1800…from dubai
      my contact no is 09336458338
      you can call me without any hesitation..
      i will wait for your call…..

  15. Hi,
    I am Amal from Sri Lanka.

    pl. tell me what is door to door shipment?

    is it mean that port to port or any other meaning?


    • The Meaning of Door to Door is the goods has to send From Shipper Destination to Consignee Destination. (Like Parcel or Courier servives act)

    • hello. amal. im sri lankan too. but when i see your question, i was very sad about your english knowledge though you type english. y did u mention your country when ask an idiot question like this, i think you r not a real sri lankan. normally sri lankans know the meaning of door to door system. anyway i will give you the answer , because i feel sad about you moron chick idiot baby. the meaning is if you r the receiver , you will receive the goods at your home, and if you r the sender you can hand over the goods to shipping or air courier agent at your home. i think you can understand this . in future, dont ask questions like this when no need to tell your country. idiot

  16. I would like the price list to ship household goods from Germany to Virginia

  17. Hi,
    Could you please help me in calculating the following for LCL container
    Length – 1000 mm
    Width – 1000 mm
    Thickness – 4mm
    what is the volume in cbm?

  18. Hi,
    I this is Hasnain from Mumbai (India).
    I would like to know what is the cost of door to door shipping to import Shipping Anchors from China (Shanghai) to Mumbai.
    There r 20 Anchors with total weight of 15 tons. Wht would be the total door to door shipping chrges

  19. Hi,
    I would like to know door to door costing from Blackburn South, Melbourne to Ipoh, Malaysia.
    There are 12cartons (30cmx30cmx30cm/carton and 23kgs/carton) Tactiles product.
    Let me know the delivery duration as well… Thx

  20. please i will like to the the cost price to ship 1000kg of fish meal from cameroon to turkey in a LCL i will be very glade to know as soonest as possible

  21. Tell me what will the cost be for a delivery from China to Port Elizabeth(South Africa) its weighs:1.5tons if iam not mistaken & it will be in a wooden box.

  22. hello from egypt , i want to buy tires from Italy diameters are 390*90*50 (4 pieces)

    460*85 *38 (4 pieces ) diameters

  23. I would like to transport 5000 shopping bags from China to the UK. Could you give me a ball park cost for transport and advise me of likely taxes involved in this please. My goods are at Cangnan,wenzhou,zhejiang China.

    • dear Mr. Mark…
      i would like to introduce our selves one of the manufacturer and exporter of equestriean product for horses leather goods and also doing dog food from india.
      and you are intrest which type bag please inform me i will send you quote of that very competitive price of that bag..
      awaiting your valued reply..
      Quavi ans
      A&Q international
      sales department

  24. How much would it cost to ship clothing from honolulu to lake charles, la?

  25. What would be the cost for 1 cubic meter from Jaipur, India to Box Hill, Melbourne.

  26. I have 400 pairs of sandals, packed in 5 boxes and weighs 90 kgs. I would like door to door service from Bali to Tarbes, France (post code 65000)
    Please send me a quote for the cheapest transportation method. What about price for documentation? And how much for import duty and VAT?

  27. I would like to bring clothing items to the nearest office in Jebel Ali or Dubai port for packing and shipping to Longbeach, California, USA. These are personal items not for resale and i know will fill a 1sqm crate. Please could you confirm where I go, who I talk to telephone number etc., and quote by email. I will be taking care of this within this coming week.

  28. I would like to shift my household goods from Bangkok (Thailand) to India (Baroda). It is LCL. Can you let me know the rates per m3.


  29. i want import some things from china NingBo to Pakistan.
    my Box size is 29.5X26X18.5 Total NO of boxes is 40.please describe me total shipment cost
    Total weight 272 KG

  30. hi — i am wanting to ship some furnture — big and solid from bali to USA ( greenville, sc). It is for personal use. I am scared it will not make and come broken. Do this occur often? Also after I pay the inital charges to ship, what else should I expect to pay as it is imported into the USA for import tax and moving from LA to SC? Also, how is contact maintaned for me with my furniture? I love it and will be devastated if it doesnot come…

    Angela thank you sincerely for your help

  31. Hello,
    i would like to get 5 bags of dried fruits from India supplier to klaipeda seaport in Lithuania, EU (i will pickup from your terminal there). what would it cost for me?

  32. Is it possible to send a small box weighing about 6 or 7kg via ship from Turku, Finland to Cape Town, South Africa? Please let me know! Many thanks! Elloise du Toit

  33. hello. i need to send LCL 2 cbm box to colombo from nagoya every month. so, please let me know your ability to pick up the goods in nagoya japan and give me the price for this. and i would like to get the prices for full 20′ and 40′ feet containers from nagoya to colombo. the answer will helpful for me because i m paying a huge amount to send them till now.

    • Dear Piyal,

      Please noted my id and send me detail i will send you rates.


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  35. I would like to know how should I ship this from amazon to Trinidad via ocean cost wise

  36. Hi

    I´m shipping corrugated paper boxes from China to Finland. The weight of the delivery is 100 kg. If we choose CFR (LCL), does the unloading, security fee (?), include the costs and freight? What about D/O ?(don´t know what is it, but the other shipper´charge was 70 euros).

  37. Hi there,
    I’m looking to ship wine bottles about 30 bottles from Nice France to Auckland New Zealand….i think by the sounds of it a box 1 metre X 1metre should fit them in.
    Was wondering approximate pricing and if this is possible. Any information you could provide would be really helpful at this stage we are looking to shipping them ASAP….within the month really….

  38. Hi,
    Let’s say somebody (china) want to send 500 pieces of sunglasses to me (indonesia) via sea route and it cost USD80/CBM for LCL. Every box is 79*23*43 cm in size, and it can be filled with 300 pieces. Can you help me count (approximately) how much I need to pay for the shipping fee ??
    Thank you :D

  39. I have 2 boxes to be shipped from Clinton, MD 20735 to Bali, Denpasar Indonesia 80227. 1st box is 24x24x18 (45 lbs); 2nd box is 15x15x48 (22 lbs). Can you tell me the cost to ship door to door?

  40. Hi I need to know the how much will I be charged for importing 11000 pieces of readymade pants from Bangladesh to Dubai.
    Thank You.


  42. Hi,
    I am looking to ship lcl from china to Australia major cities per order basis.
    They are flat packed furnitures. Weighing not more than 30 kg each.
    Would u be able to give me a quote?

  43. The exemples of how to cxalculate the freight was excellent and easy to follow.

  44. I need to make a shipment from Tennessee to Georgia the size of crate that I would need would be 54x48x27, and this item is a vintage peddle airplane car, so needs to be really packed well and with a lot of care. Would like to know what the cost would be. Please let me know asap.

    Thank You

  45. Dear madam/ sir,
    i would like to ship around 1000 to 2000 kids t-shirts bangladesh to bankok south and I would like to know, how many pieces can I fit into 1 cubic meter.

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